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Two-Wheel Alignment

Two-Wheel Alignment Service in Brighton, MI at Serra Superior Collision

Improperly aligned wheels can certainly be a symptom of collisions; however, they can also develop from day-to-day driving. Whether you’ve been in a fender bender or hit a big pothole, or it’s just been a while since you’ve had your wheels aligned last, we are happy to help at Serra Superior Collision near the Township of Hamburg, Michigan. Find out more here before stopping by for this service!

What Two-Wheel Alignment Is Near South Lyon, MI

If you have a vehicle with a solid rear axle (many pickup trucks and full-size SUVs fit this description), it’s likely that it may only need a two-wheel alignment. Our technicians will take a look at the front axle and suspension, checking the wheels’ camber, toe, and caster angles. Camber and toe angles refer to the way that the wheels tilt; camber describes the way the wheels tilt at the top and bottom, while toe refers to their tilt at the front and rear. Caster angle measures how far from vertical the steering axis is. If we find that any of these angles need to be adjusted, we will use our precision tools to do so.

Choose Serra Superior Collision for Two-Wheel Alignment Near Howell, MI

Serra Superior Collision is proud to be your local high-quality collision center, near Whitmore Lake, Michigan, and we can perform high-quality two-wheel alignment services. We work on all makes and models, and that doesn’t stop at passenger vehicles: we can also service RVs and campers! We are an I-CAR® certified Gold Class™ collision repair center, which means that our technicians provide exceptional quality due to their remarkable skill.

Schedule a Two-Wheel Alignment at Serra Superior Collision Near Fenton, MI

If you notice symptoms of misaligned wheels (such as an uneven steering wheel or your vehicle pulling to the side as you drive), come to Serra Superior Collision for a two-wheel alignment right away. Even if you don’t, we recommend having your wheels alignment about once a year. For your convenience, we offer an online service scheduling tool; of course, you can also give us a call. Either way, we hope to see you soon here at Serra Superior Collision near Pinckney, Michigan!

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