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Frame Straightening Service

Automotive Frame Straightening Service in Brighton, MI

We provide local drivers with frame straightening services according to factory specifications. Our commitment to frame straightening excellence allows us to provide frame straightening services for all makes and models. Our certified technicians become frame straightening experts through extensive training and direct experience. We guarantee precise frame straightening results according to factory specifications with computerized frame straightening equipment. Continue reading about the importance of straightening damaged frames. Review the frame straightening service summary. Get a courtesy frame straightening quote and schedule service at Serra Superior Collision in Brighton, serving South Lyon, Howell, Whitmore Lake, Hartland, Township of Hamburg, Fenton, and Pinckney, MI.

The Importance of Straightening Damaged Frames

Your vehicle’s frame is an essential structural component that supports primary systems’ performance while enhancing safety in collisions by dampening the shock felt by the driver and passengers. The performance of the engine, transmission, steering, handling, and exhaust systems depends on the frame’s condition and shape. Bent frames can negatively impact overall vehicle performance. Vehicles involved in accidents often experience frame bending that can compromise steering, handling performance, and safety if another accident occurs. Straightening a damaged frame is of critical importance to achieving the best driving experience and safety. Motorists involved in collisions should get a frame inspection and straightening service if the original integrity is compromised.

Frame Straightening Service Summary

We provide certified frame straightening services with computerized equipment that meet manufacturers’ specifications. Frame straightening service’s objective is to restore the frame’s structural integrity by restoring the original dimensions. Our certified technician starts the service by attaching specialized frame straightening equipment to exact points on the frame. The computerized equipment compares the current measurements to factory specifications. The certified technician connects chains and bolts to the bent frame zones. The computerized frame straightener applies the force needed to restore the frame to its original dimensions.

Get a Courtesy Frame Straightening Estimate at Serra Superior Collision

Get a courtesy frame straightening estimate online or by phone. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your frame straightening service involves an insurance claim; we have vast experience processing claims with all major automobile insurance companies and accept all providers. Request a frame straightening appointment online by submitting the form that only requires basic details. Once submitted, our knowledgeable and helpful service advisor will contact you shortly via text or phone.

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