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Fender Repairs & Services

Fender Repair Service in Brighton, MI

Fender benders are a pain. If your vehicle has been in an accident and has come away with a damaged fender, come to Serra Superior Collision near South Lyon, Michigan. We are a state-of-the-art auto body shop, and we can repair your vehicle’s fender if it has become damaged. Find out more here before heading to Serra Superior Collision near Hamdburg, Michigan.

Automotive Fenders

Many people conflate fenders with bumpers because a minor accident is generally known as a fender bender. However, these are two different parts of your vehicle. While the bumpers are located at the front and rear of the vehicle, the fenders are the body panels that are located behind the front bumper. They include the front wheel wells and extend to the front doors.

Fender Repair Service Near Whitmore Lake, MI

Dented fenders can lead to all sorts of trouble. In addition to the obvious aesthetic issues, fender damage can also cause other problems. Damaged body panels can lead to rust and corrosion; if you’re in another accident, a damaged fender can make your vehicle less safe. When you come to Serra Superior Collision for fender repairs, our technicians will inspect the fender to see the extent of the damage; they will also check the surrounding areas. If the fender can be repaired, they will use paintless dent repair, traditional dent repair, or other methods to bring it back to its original state. If your vehicle needs a new fender, we will get a top-quality replacement.

Choose Serra Superior Collision for Fender Repair Near Hartland, MI

Serra Superior Collision is proud to service all makes and models. This goes beyond passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs: we also service big rigs, RVs, and more. Whatever kind of vehicle you have, you can trust the experts at Serra Superior Collision to treat it with skill and care. They will use cutting-edge tools and OEM components to ensure that your vehicle returns to its best.

Schedule Fender Repair Service at Serra Superior Collision

Whether your fender has a minor dent or more major damage, we are here to help at Serra Superior Collision. We provide estimates, and scheduling yours is easy. You can fill out our form to get information for an online estimate or call our service center to set up an in-person appointment. We look forward to seeing you at Serra Superior Collision in Brighton, Michigan.

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