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Bumper Repair

Automotive Bumper Repair Service in Brighton, Near South Lyon and Howell MI

Our commitment to comprehensive auto body and collision repairs with exceptional service quality and customer satisfaction includes bumper repair services. Our certified technicians gain bumper repair mastery from considerable direct experience performing bumper repairs for all makes and models. Our bumper repair service objective is restoring the pre-collision structural integrity, curb appeal, and functionality. We fulfill these objectives with bumper repair service in a state-of-the-art facility with genuine OEM replacement parts. Continue reading about the importance and value of repairing damaged bumpers, review the bumper repair services, then get a complimentary bumper repair estimate at Serra Superior Collision in Brighton, MI.

Why Repair Damaged Bumpers?

Bumpers are structural components that dampen shock in collisions, support curb appeal, and contain essential components/technologies. Damaged bumpers have an unsightly appearance and emit red flags during resale value negotiations. Automobile bumpers vary in complexity from simple steel bars to harboring high technologies. Modern vehicle bumpers house all sorts of components, including advanced driver assistance system cameras/sensors, brake cooling ducts, decorative trim, turn signals, marker lamps, air intakes, etc. We recommend prompt bumper damage repairs to restore the pre-accident structural integrity for safety, functionality for driving comfort, and appearance for resale value.

Bumper Repair Services, Near Whitmore Lake, Hartland, and Township of Hamburg, MI

We perform the least invasive service to restore structural integrity, aesthetics, and functionality. We apply conventional dent repair with painting services for minor dents with damaged paint. If your bumper has minor damage with intact paint, you might qualify for paintless dent repair (PDR). Extensive bumper damage involving embedded component damage involves replacement service and advanced driver assistance system calibration if equipped and damaged. Contact us for an estimate to determine the bumper repair your vehicle needs.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) Calibration

Newer models commonly have more advanced bumper technologies, such as ADAS cameras and sensors. Accidents disrupt ADAS technologies’ performance and reliability. Bumper repairs involving ADAS technologies include recalibration service. We are fully equipped and trained for bumper repairs requiring camera/sensor replacement and ADAS recalibration.

Get a Complimentary Estimate at Serra Superior Collision, Near Fenton and Pinckney, MI

Customers with bumper damage can get a complimentary virtual estimate or in person at the collision center. Submit your mobile number to begin the complimentary virtual estimate process, or call during regular hours to schedule an in-person estimate. Our professional estimator will promptly review the bumper damage and complete a written estimate with the pertinent details.

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